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The Creation of
Zia Lush

Zia Lush was first interested in Drag when she watched Drag Race for the first time when she was sixteen years old.  She knew nothing about Drag Queens at all when she watched Drag Race.  It made her see a whole new love to makeup and to the gay community in general.

ZL has performed in Drag for over a year now and loves every minute. Her "unique" style is having a bigger ass than everyone else and making it look good.  She also says that she is very fun to drink with lololol.  Before her performance Zia gets a little jittery but once I get the ball rolling and the adrenaline kicks in it's ON BITCH, it is show time!!!!  After a performance she is just exhausted but so thankful to even have people booking me and attending my performances.  

Zia Lush wants to the fans to know how much she loves and appreciates them.  The fans are what makes Drag Queens who they are.  We do all of this for you!  We love to entertain!


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