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Lights, Camera, Action

Tara Hole performs regularly at Pink, Androgyny and the Maison.  She is also the Baton Rouge Queen Manager, Event Host, and Co Event Coordinator and Promoter for Queens of Louisiana.  You want the party to happen and to happen successfully then this is your Queen. 

How long does Tara take to fully get ready?  She prefers to have a full three hours but can pull off many looks in an hour if she is in a rush.  Tara says that she spends all her free time working on her art performances.  She says she even sings and dances to her mixes while working at work.  "The Grind don't stop!" is her motto.  TH says that her feelings before a show are "OMG!  I HAVE TO PEE!".  During a performance show she feels "Is my wig going to cut off my circulation?".  And after a show she feels "At least I got a free drink for breaking my ankles".  


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