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"I make and perform to my own songs"


The Creation of
Tara Hole

Tara Hole does it all from performer, singer, show, host, fashion designer, etc.  This Queen does it all.  Tara always painted makeup on herself and others but she wanted to do more than just makeup and from their sparked her first interest in Drag.  Drag was how she expressed herself and got people to see her heart through her art.  She now writes her own songs and choreographs her own videos to these songs.  

Tara feels that her image is unique and that it sets her apart from other artist and performers.  She loves to show the glamour and the shine but package it into a comedy campy routine.  TH is the VP of the International Interior Design Association for the ULL chapter and she runs her own music production and distribution label.  

Tara has a few tips for new drag performers that she wanted to share: 
Glue down the Wig
NO Lip Gloss
Wear enough Tights
Lashes!  Lashes!  Lashes!

TH also had a few comments for the fans of Drag.  She says try it for yourself!  Find your favorite Queen and try to copy their tutorial!  You might be surprised by how confident it makes you feel!

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