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Q & A

(Q): Stage name?

(A): Shelby Have (Pronounced HAYVE)

(Q): AKA's or Nicknames?

(A): Shelbs or The Bitch of Bolt

(Q): Real name?

(A): Seth Daniel

(Q): Birthday?

(A): April 10 1996

(Q): Zodiac?

(A): Aires

(Q): Do you feel that you match your Zodiac sign?

(A): Absolutely!!  You can tell right away that I am a Fire sign and I burn bright babes!

(Q):  What is your favorite color?

(A):   Black


(Q): Is drag your full time job or do you work a day job?

(A): I bartend at Bolt on the weekends and I have drag every Sunday. 

(Q): How many years have you been doing drag?
(A): 9 years

(Q):What was the name of the first song of your first performance?

(A): Express from the movie Burlesque

(Q): Drag Mom?

(A): Lucy Furr.  She is a Burlesque Entertainer from Lafayette, LA but lives in Tulsa, OK now.  I met Lucy and she took me under her Satanic Wig and birthed her first spawn. 

(Q): Favorite Drag Item?

(A): All of my wig creations.

(Q):  Least Favorite Drag Item?


(Q):  What is the one drag accessory that you can not live without:

(A):  Nail Glue

(Q): What sets you apart from other Queens in the industry?

(A):  I try many styles of drag from Pageant to Theatre to Horror.  I am a woman of MANY forms and talents.

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