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Lights, Camera, Action

Shelby Have can be seen perform at Bolt, Cite Des Arts, Blue Moon Saloon and The Always Lounge in New Orleans.  SH spends different amounts of preparation time on her performances and this is determined by the type of gig the performance is or at.  She will spend Tuesday through Saturday preparing for her Sunday shows at Bolt.  If she has an out of town gig then she will recycle some of her Sunday show performances and therefore does not require as much preparation time during the week.  For her weekly Sunday Show at Bolt she will arrive at the bar at 10 AM and take the hour to unpack, preset my station, shave, etc and then paint from 11-1.  She then takes the last hour to listen to her songs for the day's performances and then she gets into her body for the 2 PM showtime.  

Shelby experiences a lot of different feelings before a show, during a show, and after a show.  Before the show SH can feel a little panicky if she is performing a new number but she is always ready to give a fabulous show and entertain an audience.  During the show, SH's adrenaline allows her to push through and keep everyone's energy alive.  After the show, SH just wants to get out of drag, she says she puts her body through a lot of awkward moves and positions so she is just ready for comfy clothes and a buffet!

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