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The Creation of
Shelby Have

Shelby Have was always a theatre kid and this made her naturally want to play every part no matter the gender.  But she was mainly brought into the spotlight by her Drag Mom Lucy Furr.  Lucy is a Burlesque Entertainer from Lafayette, LA who now lives in Tulsa, OK.  Lucy took Shelby under her Satanic Wig and birthed her first spawn.  Lucy taught Shelby everything that she needed to know to get on stage and give an audience some of the best burlesque one can watch and from that burlesque training became the growth into Queendom.  

Shelby Have also owns her own Theatre Production company called Shelby Have Productions.  SH had a few tips for performers that she wanted to share.  1.  Use Dermablend Foundation.  2.  If you think that you have blended enough, blend a little more.  3.  If you fall, legs extended and tits out my love!

Photos by You - the fans

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