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Paying homage to Louisiana Kings and Queens


"It all started one Friday night as I sat there on the wobbly chair and leaning bar table at the local bar that has regular weekend Drag Shows.  As I watched the Queen move across the stage and room during her performance I found myself wanting more than just what I was currently watching.  I wanted to watch more and know more about this beautiful and dazzling Art form.  I actually needed it, my mind and body screamed for it, I needed to know who she was, what were her favorite colors or dress wear, what made her select the songs and dances for her performances, and what feelings that she felt when she was performing.  I knew that I could not be the only person who had these feelings and needs, so I decided then and there to unite, to bring together, and to raise awareness by creating a Drag Queen Fan website where you can learn and interact about everything that is Queen.  I along with other many artists photograph, interview the Queens and the Audience at the shows and combine all of this onto our website that we created to bring you Queens of Louisiana." 

- Heather Prudhomme

Queens of Louisiana Founder


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