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Lights, Camera, Action

It's common practice in drag to imitate the original dance moves and costumes - while this too takes immense skill and dedication, Nakita prefers staying true to who she is that very moment.  Nakita is known for pulling together totally original outfits and performing with original dance moves.  


Nakita doesn't let the song define the performance like many other Drag Queens do.  

Instead, she follows her emotions instinctively, letting the ideas flow organically. "When Nakita wants something new, she goes and and gets it, then incorporates it into the show". 

Nakita chooses performance songs based on the vocals. Her first drag performance song was Thunderpuss Mix of Whitney Houston's "It's not Right, but it's Ok".

Another significant part of the artistry that is drag is the costumes. You need at minimum, 3 costumes - a before "walk around" costume, a "performance" costume or two, and an after '"walk around" costume. 

You can't have a drag show without incorporating killer dance moves. Nakita brings original dance moves to her performances. Nakita's go-to move? The cartwheel! And yes she does her cartwheels in six inch heels!

But the real transformation takes place when the lipliner goes on. According to Nakita, "getting ready is just getting ready, but when the lipliner goes on, the entire look POPS and Nakita comes alive!"





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