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The Creation of Nakita

Photos by You - the fans

Nakita hasn't always been in existence.

London is from a strict religious back ground but he was always a little rebellious. At a young age, he would occasionally sneak over to a friend's house to watch TV and on one of these occasions London snuck over to watch TV where he watched a RuPaul episode.  That night that would forever change his life.


This is what he needed to be doing. It was his calling. He just felt it - he didn't identify as gay at that time. He was just a kid, but instantly knew. This was it. This gives me super powers! This is who I am! Insert the creation of Nakita, London's alter. Nakita is a comic book-like character in that both posses super hero characteristics including super powers.

It's important to understand that Nakita is her own persona. London doesn't shop for specific costumes or accessories for the upcoming shows.  Nakita does - "when Nakita wants something new, Nakita gets something new". Every show is it's own spectacle and deserves something special. While imitating the original artist takes tremendous skill and dedication, London prefers letting Nakita take charge.  Nakita is known for pulling together a totally original fit with just as aesthetically pleasing and original dance moves.


London didn't enter the drag queen world the traditional way: When an aspiring drag queen is just starting out in the world, she needs someone to turn to for guidance, support, and makeup tips. When a more seasoned queen takes an ingénue under her wing, that usually means she becomes her “mother.” Drag mothers also often assign their stage name.

London began his journey into the drag world by watching Ru Paul religiously and accompanying the local drag shows, he began creating Nakita. London didn't wait for a drag mom and entered the drag world on his own. London continued this way for 2 years, but now has the guidance of his drag mom, Kenli Andrews.


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