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The Creation of
Miz TayTay Starr

Miz TayTay Starr has painted make up on herself and others for almost her entire life.  One day she said, let me give dressing completely in Drag a try.  Since that moment on she has been dressing in Drag for three years now and has been performing in Drag for a year now.

Miz TayTay Starr has a drag mother named Naomi Starr.  She has been her Drag mother for about a month now and is one of the Ladies of Bolt in Lafayette.  We can not wait to see the creations that this duo produces.   

MTTS wants all the new drag performers out there to be yourself and to create your vision of art.  She says to not be scared of the other Queens when asking them for help.  Please ask them to help you get dressed or anything else, it would be an honor to them.  

MTTS wants all the fans of Drag Performers to be sure to tip the Queens.  Literally a dollar tip will do.  Also, do not be scared to ask a Queen to take a picture with them, they will never turn down a photograph opportunity lololol

Photos by You - the fans

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