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miss thing b savage

 "Power Stealing"


The Creation of
Miss Thing B Savage

There is only one Queen who can show up late for check in and still deliver a fabulous performance and that Queen is MissThing B Savage!  

One would never know that this Queen almost missed her own show by the force of the combination of Beauty and Fierceness that came from her body and attitude when she  performed.  This combination of Beauty and Fierceness can take lots of practice and still may not be guaranteed but when MissThing hits the stage that combination takes over the room like a mystifying mist being breathed in simultaneously by every one in the room.  But MissThing will be the first to tell you that she is not a morning person and that this show is a brunch show and this is considered the morning time.  lolololol.  We completely understand MTBS.

Semici was born in December which makes him a Sagittarius, he is a goofy class clown, loving and caring, emotional, cold, jealous and vindictive all in one beautiful soul.  Semici feels that all of these attributes are what creates and allows MissThing to become who she is.  MissThing delivers a unique nuance vibe to her costumes and performances.  She likes to use alot of "hand me down" items in her wardrobe.  She likes to take these once loved items and recreate them.  MissThing says when she first sees an outfit that she likes that she immediately knows what song and style that she wants to perform with the outfit.  Secondly she uses touch sensory to design her outfits.  This means that an outfits make or break begins with the touch and feeling of each piece of fabric and accessory. 


Photos by You - the fans

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