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Q & A

(Q) Stage name?

(A) London Manchester


(Q): Real name?

(A): CJ

(Q): Birthday?

(A): August 28

(Q) Zodiac?

(A): Virgo 

(Q):  Favorite Color or Colors?

(A):  Gold

(Q):  Favorite Makeup Item?

(A):  Anything Nude


(Q): Is drag your full time job or do you work a day job?

(A): Both are full time jobs!  LM designs costumes for TV & Film shows.

(Q): How many years have you been doing drag?
(A): 6 years 

(Q): Drag Mom?

(A): None

(Q): Favorite Drag Queen?

(A): London Manchester LOLOLOL

(Q): What sets you apart from other Queens in the industry?

(A): LM sees herself as a Catalyst to the New Generation of Drag

(Q): Achievements and Titles?

(A): National Queen Apollo, Miss Nola Queen Apollo, Drag Search Winner, and the list goes on and on 

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