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Lights, Camera, Action

When Zia Lush hits the stage the entire rooms lights up and waits their turn for her to come their way.  She loves to give every fan in the audience a little piece of Zia in her performances.

Zia Lush spends around an hour during the week preparing for her upcoming performances on the weekends.  She says most of her performances are free styled dance moves which come to her naturally.  Her main focus "I JUST WANNA LOOK PRETTY" so she spends more of her time preparing before a performance. It usually takes her two and a half hours to get ready but the other day she was rushing herself and painted her face in only one hour!  How crazy!

ZL has a few a few tips to share with new performers when they perform...first, wear lots of perfume.....second, wear lots of deodorant.  They always work for her lololol. 


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