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It's Show Time
London Manchester

"Show Director / Performance Time"


Lights, Camera, Action

It is a Friday night and I am at Splash in the Queen's room getting interview material from MissThing B Savage when London Manchester walks into the room and immediately the room begins to spark with the feelings of showtime is about to happen in the air.  Her makeup is already perfectly done but she still places her makeup case and accessories bag onto the counter and begins to claim her spot in the Queens room.  My eyes open wider than they have ever opened before when I saw LM's pristinely clean, organized and labeled items.  I was immediately envious and ashamed all at once as I reflected on my own makeup bags and preparation space.  London has already spent 1.5 to 2 hours at home preparing for her show so she just pops into the changing room and comes back out in a purple vinyl latex outfit that makes the entire rooms jaws drop.  It is now time to hit the stage......

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