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The Creation of London Manchester

London Manchester has claimed herself to be the "Bite Sized Beauty"!  When you first meet her visually this is a perfect description of her but once you get to know her there is nothing bite sized about this beauty.  London's presence and personality can fill up rooms and rooms that seen to have no end.  She is beautiful, sweet, confident and sassy all in one package.


Let's start with the beautiful part.  London's favorite makeup colors are nudes.  Now you think nudes?  But her choices and use of the combination of nudes produce an array of magical colors.  LM has over has over 30 wigs that all seem to match her style perfectly.  The combination of her choice of makeup, wigs and outfits are what dreams are made of. 

London Manchester is extremely sweet and confident.  I will admit that I was very nervous and shy to introduce myself to LM and ask her for an interview and photographs but within five minutes or less I realized that I was completely silly for having these feelings.  London is very warm and open from the beginning to end and this is paired with an extremely confident, smart, and funny attitude. Before I knew it the interview had gone on for almost two hours and it felt more like a get together or hang out with someone that I had know for years.  

London Manchester loves to be SASSY!  Her sassiness is perceived as comedic banter to her followers and fans.  Her best friend in this comedic banter is Santana Savage.  These two Queens can go at it for hours.  The banter is a constant poke fun style that takes place in person and on their social media pages.  The Queens feel that London starts the banter but LM will disagree and say that she is always provoked by the other first lolololol

Photos by You - the fans

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