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The Creation of
Tuuki Taylor

Tuuki Taylor was first interested in Drag about two years ago when a friend of hers started dressing and performing in Drag.  She instantly became OBSESSED! TT has performed in Drag for over a year now and loves every minute. Her "unique" style is being able to give the audience a little bit of everything.  She has certain assets and stylistic choices that are unique to Tuuki but she likes to do it all.

Tuuki has an extensive background in  speaking and performing in front of audiences.  She was a collegiate cheerleader for Southern University.  She also did UCA and NCA camps.  TT was even a coach at a local high school in Baton Rouge.  So it is safe to say that she has a lot of spirit!!!  

Tuuki's words to the fans are to be kind to all and to give a Queen a dollar.  We NEED it!  She also has some advice to new Queens.  She says to know your words and to practice feeling your music!  Nobody likes a bland performance.  Always be unique, no two Queens are the same and this is what makes Drag so much fun.

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