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The Creation of
Jacquelyn D Cayne

Jaquelyn D Cayne was first interested in Drag when she watched Mia Nicole Bonet performing a gown number at a local nightclub.  Jacquelyn has performed professionally in Drag for a year now and loves every minute. Her "unique" style, image or quality that sets her aside from other performers is that she is a very versatile performer.  She can change her looks a the blink of eye from something glamorous to something campy, horror or punk.  JDC can to it all. 

Jacquelyn Cayne is a Scorpio Zodiac sign.  She says that Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac because of its incredible passion and power.  Scorpio is also often mistaken for a fire sign.  JDC says that she is often misunderstood at times and her humor sometimes may not be perceived the same as it is through her eyes.  Sometimes her humor can be seen as fiery or aggressive when really she is just a big teddy bear looking to make friendships and companionships with others.     

Jacquelyn Cayne wants all the fans of Drag Art to keep showing your love and continued support!!!  It literally is what keeps her motivated and keeps the generations of new drag art alive!!!

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