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My name is Heather and I enjoy everything about Drag Queens and their visual arts performances, so join me in getting up close and 
personal with your favorite

Owner, Manager, Promoter, and Drag Mom to Karter Jay Andrews!


Hi!  I am Tara Hole Royale.  I am the Queen Manager, Event Coordinator, Theme Manager, Flyer & Promotional Manager, Event Host, Event DJ and whatever is needed to make a drag event happen. I write, sing, record, and video my own music.  I currently have two albums out right now.  I also love love pageants.    

Hey! My name is Amber. I've always loved and been interested in photography. I also had disposable camera in my hand in high school until I got a small point and shoot digital camera. Sometimes I think having a phone with a camera ruined photography for me for a while. I am obsessed with the ability to capture a beautiful moment. I always thought drag was interesting, my parents and their friends would tell me about times they went and enjoyed shows. After my first show, I fell in love with the extraordinary spectacle of it. The artistry and the ability of some of these queens is astonishing.
Photographer, Videographer, Promotor
Instagram: @aroxx

Hi my name is Randy Morain.  I am a  photographer for QOL.  I am an armature to the photography world but the experience and love that I have received from Queens of Louisiana has just given me a passion and love for Drag Art.

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